Daniel Pellegrini Daniel Pellegrini is a graduate of Emerson Film School (1998). His thesis project, a nine-minute black & white, silent short titled "Here Comes Jack Vades", won no student awards, but did get a nice applause from the class. After film school Daniel worked in L.A. for producer Cathy Konrad on the productions "Scream 3" and "Girl, Interrupted". He was also part of the story-editing team on the then-titled project, "Cash", which became "Walk The Line" six years later.

In 1999 he moved back to Boston where he got a job as an editor/motion graphics artist at an advertising agency. In 2000 he began submitting short stories to various publications and started a collection of rejection notices. In 2001 he wrote an unpublished novel called "Idiocracy", a fantastical spin on his college years. (Not to be confused with Mike Judge's 2005 film of the same name).

In late 2007 Pellegrini and producing partner David Stewart got to work on their vampire project, then titled "Night Vision". The goal was to create a vampire character unlike any on screen to date, and to set it in their beloved home town of Boston. The script went through several incarnations and plots. Finally, in January 2009, "See You When The Sun Goes Down" was born, a horror/comedy/noir story that will hopefully carve a unique niche out of an over-saturated genre.

With Pellegrini's experience in the world of Red Camera digital filmaking, and Stewart's own passion for the occult and the history of the genre, "See You When The Sun Goes Down" will see the light of day (or should we say night?), some time in the year 2010. The producers are currently seeking financing as well as local cast and crew.
Email me : danny@bloodfilm.com