Blood Film Productions was founded in 2009 by Daniel Pellegrini & David Stewart to make the kind of movies Hollywood just isn't interested in making anymore, asserting first and foremost that...

The 1970s were a special time in cinema, producing the most extensive greatest-hit list of films in motion picture history. Throughout the 70s, we witnessed and enjoyed the rebirth of Hollywood, lead by so-called renegade directors and producers hellbent on taking Hollywood back from the political and economic forces that weighed it down through most of the preceeding twenty years.

Unfortunately for all of us, the party only lasted so long, as 1980s corporate greed came screaming in to pollute the movie industry. Once again, fast and quick profits became the (only) bottom line. Never mind that some of the most lucrative films came out of the 1970s revolution, that type of movie making - with character driven, edgy and unique stories blanketed clearly with a particular director's vision - was a far too hands-off way of doing business. Quality movies of that nature simply took too long to produce, and were perceived as too expensive to market and distribute globably.

Blood Film was founded to reverse these trends. To bring cool back to movies and movie making. To utilize all the advances in movie production available today to produce the types of quality films Hollywood once made, in an efficient and profitable manner. To tell the fun stories that people want to experience and remember and enjoy. To create characters that are interesting and memorable, that are hilarously funny and scary as all hell.

Our first major production, See You When The Sun Goes Down is currently in pre-production. It is the story of a down-on-his-luck South Boston mover who takes a job as a vampire's assistant in order to pay back a mob loan he took to finance life-saving surgery for his newborn son. We ride along with Eddie Trumbo through the highs and lows of working in a job of that nature, all leading to a confrontational climax between employer and employee. An old-school horror ride through the ugly and violent underbelly of Boston.

To learn more about the company or our current films, please e-mail us at We are currently looking for filmmakers, investors, actors and production crew who share our vision.